Q: Where is Lai Chi Wo, is it in Hong Kong?
A: Our agricultural products are 100% locally grown in Hong Kong! Lai Chi Wo Village is in Sha Tau Kok, It is situated on the northeastern coast of the New Territories, surrounded by the Tsiu Hang Country Park, Lai Chi Wo Special Area, and Yan Chau Tong Marine Park. It is also part of Hong Kong's (UNESCO) Global Geopark. The village has a history of over three hundred years as a Hakka village. Despite a decline starting from the 1960s and 70s due to villagers moving away, the village's appearance and cultural traditions have been well preserved. In recent years, with increased public interest in rural life, a community and agricultural revitalization program was launched in 2013.

Q: What is your farm address?
A: In fact, we are a small farm located inside Hong King Lai Chi Wo, mainly managed by a single farmer. The farm mainly grows herbs; the production of vegetables and fruits is not high, so we are self-sufficient and do not use them for sale. If you are interested in visiting our small farm in Lai Chi Wo, feel free to make an appointment with us. Our farmer (Mirror) will personally guide you to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Lai Chi Wo.

Q: What do u sell?
A: As mentioned above, we farm mainly herbs. We process well-grown herbs into various products for our store. Hope that people can enjoy products that are pesticide-free, all-natural, and ecologically friendly.

Q: Do you guys organize workshops or team-building activities at Lai Chi Wo?
A: Yes, we do. In addition to taking care of her own farmland, Mirror also occasionally gets invited to host workshops on mosquito coil making and other natural skincare products in different places. Stay tuned for more information on our Facebook/IG posts. If you are interested in organizing a group to participate, feel free to message us.

Q: Do you have a physical store?
A: Yes! Several shops are selling our products. You can come here to check out the details here~
Also, every month we will try our best to set up a market stall on a weekend, so that everyone has more opportunities to try our product indiviually, We also look forward to connecting with all of you in person. Please pay attention to our market announcements.

Q: How can i go to Lai Chi Wo?
A: Friends who want to go to Lai Chi Wo can choose to arrive by land/ship.

⭐ Note: Guests checking in on Thursday will need to hike and leave the village the next day.
👉🏻Please arrive at the pier 15-30 minutes early to queue up for boarding.

By land: Take minibus 20R from Exit A3 of Tai Po Market MTR Station to Wo Kau Tang Tin Sum Village Terminus. From Wo Kau Tang, pass through Kau Tam Tso, Sheung Miu Tin, Ha Miu Tin, and Sam A Tsuen to reach Lai Chi Wo. The journey takes about 2.5 hours, or you can take a boat to Lai Chi Wo and walk back to Luk Keng for the return trip.
Actually, there are other hiking routes that you can choose from~ Feel free to message me for more information.

Waterway: 🛳️ Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the University MTR Station to Ma Liu Shui Pier. You can take a boat from Ma Liu Shui Pier Platform 3 directly to Lai Chi Wo Pier (90 minutes boat ride).
Departure time: 9am (Departing from Pier 3, Ma Liu Shui)
Return time: 3:30pm (departure from Lai Chi Wo Pier)
One boat arrives and departs from Lai Chi Wo daily.
One-way fare: HK$ 45.0 Round-trip fare: HK$ 80
Sailing time: 90 minutes

Every Thursday, take the water bus from Sam Mun Tsai/ Tai Shui Hang to Lychee Bay.
Departure time: 8:30am (from Sam Mun Tsai Public Pier)
Arrival time at Lychee Cove: approximately 10:30am.
Return time: 3:20pm (departure from Lai Chi Wo Pier)
The boat fare is $80 round trip, with a one-way afternoon return trip fee of $60.

Monday to Sunday (except Tuesday) 🛳️
Take a ferry from Sha Tau Kok Pier to Lai Chi Wo.
For detailed schedule and fees, please refer to the announcements on the official page of Sound Authority.

✨ All the above routes are available. Please contact Best Sonic Industrial LTD at Whatsapp 55400002 for inquiries and to reserve a spot. ⭐

Q: Are there any products based on flowers such as roses and lavender?
A: Sorry, We don’t have it here because they are not suitable to grow in Hong Kong.

Q: Do you have any dried herbs/flower tea for sale?
A: Actually, we do have, but because the production quantity is limited, Please feel free to message us for ordering.

Q: After placing an order through the website, how would i receive your products?
A: We can arrange SF Express, local mail and store pick-up. Details can be found here .

Q: Can I pay in person before receiving the goods?
A: You are welcome to go directly to our POS to purchase in-stock items, or you can message us first to inquire about the availability of sufficient stock and reservations at the store.

Q: Can all products be customized?
A: That's right, but we would recommend trying out the products at the store first, then discussing with us any areas that need improvement. We will try our best to adjust the formula to suit your needs.