About our farmer - Mirror

Born in the 90s farmer
works full-time to part-time, half-agricultural and half-X

Like most people, Mirror has a stable full-time job. Going to and from work day after day. I don’t know what the meaning of life is and what my life goal is. It was a chance invitation to an event in 2017 that deeply affected Mirror's life goal plan I want to be a farmer.

At that time, Mirror was invited by a friend to participate in the Management Agreement Scheme at Lai Chi Wo Enclave. Participants could form a farming group, freely plant various plants, and try to be self-sufficient and live sustainably. As the days of the program went on, Mirror found herself increasingly interested in planting. With the intention of changing the monotonous routine of working every day, after much struggle and consideration, she decided to ask the company to switch to part-time work, dedicating most of her time study agriculture and join the Sustainable Lai Chi Wo program.

We create & make different agricultural products 

The general stereotype of farmers is that they sell crops directly or process them into dried goods. However, we are breaking this traditional impression by showing that agricultural products can have uses beyond just food. We could provide more opportunities for people to learn about locally grown products produced using eco-friendly farming methods in Hong Kong, in addition to imported foreign products.

Location restrictions on transportation

Due to location and transportation limitations, Mirror decided to choose to grow herbs, which are convenient for transportation and can be further processed into infused oils and hydrosols. This allows for the production of various types of skincare products, providing more people with the opportunity to discover that agricultural products can be used for purposes other than consumption.