Lai Chi Wo Nature Management Agreement

The Lai Chi Wo Nature Management Agreement is a collaboration between the Conservancy and the Hong Kong Countryside Fund. By cooperating with Lai Chi Wo villagers, new residents and farmers in the form of a management agreement, nature management work is carried out on the farmland next to the village, with natural and harmonious farming. So that the people and nature here can continue to thrive. The plan consists of four major parts - protecting nature , environmentally friendly farming , community participation and public education .

Maintain all natural things : Understand the local natural features, cooperate with local communities, and maintain or even enhance the local natural environment and biodiversity through coordination of farming activities.

Environmentally friendly farming : Promote and implement farming methods that are consistent with the local natural environment, so that agricultural land can maintain productivity and enhance its ecological potential.

Community participation : Encourage local communities and other relevant people to participate in various projects of the plan, so that the plan can take root in the local area and move toward sustainable development.

Public Education : Promote the results and concepts of the project to the general public

Planning period: October 2017 to September 2019 Funding agency: Environment and Conservation Fund