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Calendula Soothing Body Wash

Calendula Soothing Body Wash

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Distilled from Lai Chi Wo's eco-friendly marigold flowers.
No surfactants, natural vegetable oils are used for saponification.
Biodegradable to reduce marine pollution
Rich in flavonoids, carotenoids, saponins, etc., which can capture free radicals and bring antioxidant effect.
Suitable for all people

Calendula in Lai Chi Wo
Calendula is also known as "Marigold"

Marigold is rich in flavonoids, carotenoids and saponins.
Lai Chi Wo is eco-friendly, no chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used.
Soothes eczema and allergies, calms redness, moisturizes, after-sun care, heals scars and revitalizes epidermal cells,
Baby care products, diaper rash relief, etc.


Calendula, Water, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Glycerin, Essential Oils (Calendula, Geranium, Lavender)


Use slightly wet hands or a bath ball or sponge to rub and lather to cleanse the body, then rinse with water.

Validity period

Storage period 6 months


For external use only
Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Safe for babies, pregnant women and lactating mothers.
Do not rub the eyes if it gets into the eyes, rinse with water immediately and seek medical advice if you feel unwell.

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