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Urban Mushroom | Air-dried mixed oyster mushrooms

Urban Mushroom | Air-dried mixed oyster mushrooms

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Produced by fresh mushroom rasied for our own house. Before dehydration, we would place the mushroom under light to increase nutrient value. By low temperature dehydration, the GMP content would increase and the nutrient value of the mushroom could be retained, bring a distant favour of the dried mushroom.

  • Nutrient Value:
    • Support better immune function
    • Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
    • Improve digestive function
    • Improve well being
    • Lower cholesterol


Common Oyster Mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus citrinopileatus


Usage Examples (Rinse before use):
Stir frying: Soak the mushroom into water to soften the tissue before cooking.
Steaming: Put in rinsed mushroom directly. It will absorb the soup and become tender.
Noodles: Boil the mushroom with the noodle.

Validity period

After opening, use within 12 months


Store in cool and dry spot or refrigerated.

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